Subversion and .Net


This is a project to build reliable .NET bindings for the Subversion version-control system libraries. This is a continuation of the SubversionSharp library initially created by Softec and released under the LGPL.


The objective of DotSVN is to re-implement Subversion version-control-system completely in .NET.


The goal of SVNManagerLib is to create a kernel type library that can be used by .NET Web Services, Remoting, and ASP.NET for remotely administering Subversion repositories and users. This only supports files for svnserve as a NT Service or *nix Daemon.

What can it do?

  • Create and Delete Repositories
  • Create and Delete Directories
  • Create and Delete Users
  • Create Dump Files
  • Create Hot Copies
  • Manage access to repositories
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